“Want He do it, yes He will”

Today, I was reminiscing about my past life and I remember questioning God. Yes, “I questioned Him.” Actually, I’m sure many of us have questioned him about things that have happened in our lives. At the time, I didn’t understand the “why.” “Why didn’t I graduate from college in 4 years?” Why didn’t I have a boyfriend or why didn’t I get job or how did they overlook me when I more qualified?” The “why” wasn’t clear then but it definitely clearer now.

I’m glad that I didn’t get that boyfriend, job or finish college back then, because I might have taken all of the credit for it. I believe God orchestrated the events in my life to mature and strengthen me for my purpose. I know we all have a purpose in life because God said we were created to praise Him, and if we are praising our own accomplishments though our own strength then He is not glorified and we become vain.

So, because life didn’t happen how I expected to it happened, it happened the way God destined it to happen for me. He diverted my direction from a mess to a message. My husband was placed in my path, and I give Him the glory. “Want He do it, yes He will.” I became an educator. He set up a platform so that I could reach and teach those who needed what He placed in me. “To God be the glory. ” As a result of teaching, I’ve ministered to hundreds of students. Many of those students still call me, ask for my advice and call me momma. “All the Glory is to God.” Through His wisdom and word I’ve been able to give many of those students wise counsel.

And as far as the job or career,  I’m still believing in my ultimate goal; writing my book. He has done it for others, and I know He doesn’t have a favorite person. I’m patient and I’m writing  a this moment. I truly believe my life is lived for others to see that God is here for us all. You should believe that too. Don’t give up on Him. He will and can do the impossible because he’s not man, but He does it in His time and His way.


Mental and spiritual relationships

Life leads you to places you’ve never seen and people you’ve never met. It also, connects you to something that can help you with concerns that you have and can’t seem to find a cure or answer to.

I don’t claim to know all the answers because of my experiences in my life so I’ve found solutions in reading. If my life is in shambles and I’m going through emotional situations I don’t go to the doctor. I pray and read the Bible. I don’t necessarily just pick a scripture to read, I look for scriptures pertaining to my fear. Proverbs is a great book to start.

On the mental aspect reading books for learning purposes is suggested. Reading help to expose our minds to the known, unknown and imagination. If you want to go somewhere you’ve never been read about it. You experiences do not have to be based on personal experiences it can be virtually obtained by others experiences and research.

Let your mind and body navigate and rejuvenate while you endeavor in the book of your choice.

Jealousy is just covetousness

Everyone has a story to tell and that includes me. I would love to tell my life story but my story may not be the story you need to hear but I will still tell it eventually. Mostly everyday I’m indulging in the scriptures.

When I first started reading I wasn’t thrilled about reading the old or the New Testament. But as I read it now, I’m excited to learn about each story. One story I found conflict in was the story of the brothers Cain and Abel. This story revealed how jealousy and self righteous can result in the unthinkable. Please release those thoughts from your mind and heart.

If we endeavor further into the scriptures we will notice that jealousy is nothing more than covetousness. Covetousness does not mean someone will hurt someone else but overly desiring someone else’s gift or life ultimately kills you. You may internalized emotions become them. You may loose sight of your life and then you may believe that what others have should have been yours. Do not covet. Stay focused on your purpose even when you are not seeing the immediate results.

When you have a purpose and you know it’s what you are designed for God will not allow you to be something you are not designed for. Think about it, have you ever pick up a drink and tasted it without looking and it was different than your expectations. Well, I have. It communicate with your mind and you are disappointed with your taste bud. Don’t let you purpose get distracted because you weren’t looking at what you were doing because you were looking at someone else victory.

Keep your eyes on where you desire to go and see victory even in your defeat. Our defeat are the test that we need to take to see if we are ready to preform the task that helps those who have to be tested as well.

Be victorious not covetousness.

Ready for school

Our second “golden nugget “ is on Education.

As an educator I’ve seen firsthand how many students are following behind. We as parents,relatives and friends should be proactive in combating these issues. Below are some suggestions to help students with their studies.

1. Keep an agenda. It is helpful to know what you need to accomplish and what you’ve completed. (Parents should be involved with checking it as well) it’s also a great tool to communicate with the teacher

2. Communicate with the teacher at least once or twice a month. This can be completed by phone or email. Preferably by email to keep a record.

3. Have your child/children complete a learning style assessment. Knowing the best way they learn can help them and then you can communicate those results with their teachers.

4.Stay organized. I’ve learned though my own children that if they can’t find their work they will not get a grade because they want do it again.

5. School is important and can be fun if they realize the purpose of education. Education is the vehicle to their goals in their adult life.

6. Participate in school activities. Join a club, play a sport and help others to be successful by participating in class productively.

7. Start planning for college by focusing your high school classes on college preparatory courses, volunteer and study for ACT and SAT test

Remember enjoy your secondary education, make friends, good grades and look for scholarships. Good grades = money for school but they also want to see you are well rounded.


Juatina Dunham 🤓

Faith running on “E”

The battle of finding your purpose is a daily fight for many. We stay at our current jobs or careers because we are overloaded with responsibilities that we’ve incurred, because of our wants and needs. Ask yourself these questions. Is this job worth it? What can I do to get to my purpose? Does God hear my heart? Is this desire really my purpose? Some of us will give up our pursuit to our purpose before we run out of fuel.

Lately, my husband and I have been struggling with pursuing our purpose. I believe we are headed in the right direction and we fuel up with the word of God daily, especially Sundays and Wednesdays. Even though it seems like our relationship with God is solid, we still lack that faith that fuels us to make it happen. Many times we feel that our faith is running on empty or fumes.

Yes, fumes. We see the destination and we believe that we can reach it but the way seems to take so long. Have you ever driven your car and the mileage indicated that you had 15 miles to “E” but you only lived 10 miles away. As you traveled home you ran into a traffic jam? Your mind and flesh goes into panic. Even though you’ve traveled 8 miles and you maybe able to walk to your home, the traffic is so fierce and dangerous that you wouldn’t dare try. Well, I haven’t been there but I’ve seen others run out of gas in the middle of rush hour on major interstates and it isn’t funny. Well, the feeling you get when that happens is anxiety or anxiousness. When we want something now it seems to be so close that it’s right there but it’s just not “right here.”

As believers we know it is God that either pulls us into our destiny or push us to pursue it. He will not lie, so I believe that when He shows up and the decision is made it is good. Whether it was the decision we wanted or not, It was for the best because it will either position or set you up for a future success. Either way victory is His and you are equipped to handle the place that he placed you in. God purposes us to be patient and patience is a quality needed to face adversity and advancement.

So if your Faith is ever on “E” go get refueled in prayer, praise and the posture for your purpose. Whatever He positions you for will be better because of your experiences.

Make sure you are using the right fuel for your purpose because some may run on “super high octane” and others may be are designed for “regular.”

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

What are you believing for? Will you trust Him? As for my husband and I we do trust God. He got news of a job opportunity in his major that he’s been believing for the last year. This opportunity is posted as temporary but he is taking it anyway. As a result of the offer he has to let go that easy but dead in job. Sometimes you have to take a short term experience that can take him to a place(s) God has laid out for you.

Throw down your nets and follow him. He said he’ll make you fishers of men. Walk in your purpose and trust God. He will not let you fail.

Walking on water (wow)

God wants us to trust him. Many of our obstacles and situations are pulling us down into deep areas and we think we may drown. Our family issues, bills and suffering have us so entangled that we can see the one who has given us the strength thus far. When Peter saw Jesus on the water he also saw the water. He knew that he couldn’t walk to Jesus on his on but because he trusted Jesus he began to walk in the water. Yes, walking on the water with his eyes and faith on the lord. But as soon as he was distracted or took his eyes off of Jesus he began to sink. Jesus did not allow him to drown but He reached out to Peter to assist, save and help him.

Just like Peter, Jesus is helping us. When we trust him with our situation we are walking on water but as soon as we take our eyes off him and back on our problems we begin to sink. Yes, sink. Deep in to ourselves and our abilities or resources. But God is reaching out to us to save, help and deliver us from our unbelief. He wants us to walk on water and believe that He has us. We are victorious as long as we hold on to God.

Faith will not fail. Love will prevail.

Source searching

When I’m in need financially many times I look for physical/worldly things to fill that need. I look at my bank account, pay stub, friends, family or a second job.

When I have an emotional need I truly look at my spouse, family and friends.

To the natural(flesh )this is the right or best way to satisfy those needs but the word exclaims in I Corinthians 8:6 that God, the father, who is the source of all things and he is the creator of all things, so it will make more sense to make your request known to the creator. He who created all wants to know that you trust Him to provide, direct and support your needs.

He is the first of everything. God knows how you feel, what you need and who you are. Because he design you from the original he want you to communicate to the originator.

The word of God express that he has and will supply your needs but they will be supplied by way of the source (through Him.)