“Want He do it, yes He will”

Today, I was reminiscing about my past life and I remember questioning God. Yes, “I questioned Him.” Actually, I’m sure many of us have questioned him about things that have happened in our lives. At the time, I didn’t understand the “why.” “Why didn’t I graduate from college in 4 years?” Why didn’t I have a boyfriend or why didn’t I get job or how did they overlook me when I more qualified?” The “why” wasn’t clear then but it definitely clearer now.

I’m glad that I didn’t get that boyfriend, job or finish college back then, because I might have taken all of the credit for it. I believe God orchestrated the events in my life to mature and strengthen me for my purpose. I know we all have a purpose in life because God said we were created to praise Him, and if we are praising our own accomplishments though our own strength then He is not glorified and we become vain.

So, because life didn’t happen how I expected to it happened, it happened the way God destined it to happen for me. He diverted my direction from a mess to a message. My husband was placed in my path, and I give Him the glory. “Want He do it, yes He will.” I became an educator. He set up a platform so that I could reach and teach those who needed what He placed in me. “To God be the glory. ” As a result of teaching, I’ve ministered to hundreds of students. Many of those students still call me, ask for my advice and call me momma. “All the Glory is to God.” Through His wisdom and word I’ve been able to give many of those students wise counsel.

And as far as the job or career,  I’m still believing in my ultimate goal; writing my book. He has done it for others, and I know He doesn’t have a favorite person. I’m patient and I’m writing  a this moment. I truly believe my life is lived for others to see that God is here for us all. You should believe that too. Don’t give up on Him. He will and can do the impossible because he’s not man, but He does it in His time and His way.


Follow Me

“Follow me,” These words have power in them. Jesus used them when he met Peter and Andrew and command them to “follow me (him).” But Jesus had a purpose in mind when He made this command. The purpose was to fish (seek) people who were lost (in sin).

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.””

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

What is your motive for followers? Will you instruct them to seek the lost? Are you looking for fame or restoration? Is it the will of God that direct you or self fulfillment?

I know that whatever you are desiring to accomplish please line it up with God’s will. “Follow Him” and He will drop your nets in waters full of those who need your bait. They will be hooked on and caught in a net of life not death that only God has given you to supply. Then “Follow me,” will have more strength to pull in your catch.

A Vision and Twenty Shekels

Have you ever shared your dreams with your family or even friends? What was their response? How did you feel after you opened yourself up to others? Well I’m sure Joseph may have hesitated about sharing his vision with his family because of the position that the dream placed him in. Joseph was young and loved by his father more than his older siblings. We know as youths, our mouth speaks before our mind seeks for understanding. I would say Joseph did not have a “filter on his mouth,” at least that’s what I tell my students when they just say what’s on their mind in the middle of class. Some words have time and places according to us, but whether Joseph knew it or not his words of his dream was timely and at the right place considering what happened later. Many times I think about what happens in my life and words I’ve said and I didn’t take the time to think about them. Could my words have been timely? And were they expressed in the right place?

Well, the word says all things works for the good of those who love the Lord. Speaking of Joseph, lending his mind and spirit to God enabled him to be in the position for God to use him. I would say that even though he was sold by his siblings for “twenty shekels” of silver it was a transaction that profited way beyond the initial investment.

His vision(dream) and voice sent him on a journey that seemed to derail his life, but it actually directed his purpose.

If you’ve shared your vision but the doubt of others distracted you don’t take it as a derailment but it was more like a delay of your destiny that allows God to set the stage for the performance . God may have to move your position to expose your purpose. He will provide you with the favor and provision to set up a place for those who he has entrusted in your path. He will show you that He will get the glory and you will be able to forgive and thank those who betrayed you because of how God was able to use you for a greater purpose. He will move those who despised you to a lowly position, and they will have to honor you because of Him.

Joseph had favor with his earthly father which caused jealousy in his earthly brothers but because of his openness to hear his Heavenly Father he was blessed, his family was blessed and the land was blessed. See all things do work together for the good even if you are sold out, thrown out and give out. Follow the vision of God. He will not sell you out.

Seed and Harvest Time

I shared my testimony of sowing a financial seed of faith with my students at school. I didn’t make the story so deep because I didn’t want to bury them in my spiritual reality.


Student artist picture of me.

The story:

Part 1. During a service at my previous church in 2009 our leaders (Pastors) asked members of the church to make a financial pledges to support the project to build a new church. My husband and I (mainly me) pledged $1,000 as our initial amount and then we would provide a larger amount over 5 years over and above our tithes and offering. As I was making this commitment I was speaking to God. I said “I know you will provide a way to make this possible because you know our situation.” Then within a week, I received a phone call from our bank. The banker said “they were reconciling their accounts and noticed we had a certified check of $1,000 that wasn’t ever cashed and if we wanted it we would need to come to the bank and pay the administration fee of $7.00 then we could have the $1,000.00. See, this money was the initial earnest fee for a house that we were building but we changed our mind because of a job that was an hour away from the location. The builder lost the second $1,000 installment check before we decided not to purchase the house. Also to put this into prospective, this happened two years prior to the financial commitment to the church fund. “Glory to God, He is worthy.” But that’s not the end of our financial seed sowing story.

Part 2, Last year, I was at our current Church Sunday service. We had a guest speaker this Sunday. He was teaching on sowing seeds and he was awesome. As I was enjoying the message I heard the words “one thousand.” I’m very carefully on saying that it was God speaking to me but I was certain that if the speaker would ask for a thousand dollar seed that it was Him. So when the message ended the speaker gave those who were willing to sow a seed and the amount was $1000. I was ready but I had to consult with my husband. He wasn’t able to be there that Sunday, because of work (that seed released him from working on Sundays) but he was reserved about making that seed commitment but he trusted my decision. So, I sowed and believe for the increase. I name that seed “favor.” And favor is what happened from then to know. Favor came in the form of jobs, health, Prayer, savings and witnessing.

As I shared a modified version of this testimony a young man in my class came to me after class and thanked me for sharing. He said he was touched by the testimony and was close to becoming emotional in class.

I’ve realized God is using me in uncommon area for the kids to see that He is really living in real people. Our platform is where we are and where is He is needed. Glory to God.

Pouring YOU out a blessing

Good morning! Question of the moment, are you a blessing or are you waiting for a blessing?

I can’t speak for you but when I read and heard sermons on Malachi 3:10 my immediate thoughts was “oh yeah as a result of tithing and/or giving I’m going to receive a blessing or even blessings.” So I was thinking more on the receiving in because when you give you should receive “right.” Yes, that true but WHAT you receive is the Topic.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

‭‭Malachi‬ ‭3:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

So as I examined the scripture more in-depth and ask for clarification of ” a blessing ” and “want be able to receive,” I pondered at the “want be able to receive.” Ok, so I said “so as a result of my obedience God you will bless me but I will not have room enough to receive the blessing.” Well, If I don’t have enough room where will my overflow of the blessing go, or I want receive it because of my lack of capacity, or will I be the blessing?

Me, a blessing, wow the thought of God using me as a blessing because He has equipped me with His power to bless sounds awesome. Yes, now I will be utilized for and through his ability to make what was to much for me to receive become a more than enough to give. He will not only fill me with the blessing but he gives me the strength to do what He can and does without me. Now I’m blessed and a blesser because I lack nothing but I leave what I couldn’t receive anyway.

So not only does God pour you out a blessing that is over your receiving capacity but He enables you to be “Poured out” as a blessing because of the need for the room for the blessing. “Heavenly Father, thanks for loving me, thank for my health and strength, everyday waking up, my covering in my travels, my family, job and my peace for I know that they are all blessings. I am in awe of your faithfulness and I’m grateful for you. Pour me out a blessing, equip my mind to realize that I not only going to be a receiver of a blessing but a giver too. Show and direct me each day to who you want bless and how you want me to bless them. I receive your blessings and I’m open to the blessing but I know that you are the only blessing I truly need. Forgive me when I don’t recognize when or how I can be a blessing and I will not hold grudges on those who I thought could have been more of a blessing. Cover me from the evil one and I’ll forever praise you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen”